From the most recent MySpace bulletin composed by the great American man of letters, Mike Saunders of the Angry Samoans.

football peoplez! i’m watching ALL 9 SEC BOWL GAMES!

it seemed like a kinda dopey/dubious idea when the SEC marathon started 96 hours ago (9 of 12 teams in bowl games…ridicculous)…but the first four games on thurs, fri, and sat were OUTSTANDING.

ALABAMA lost 31-34 on the final play/OT
KENTUCKY won 28-20
GEORGIA won 31-24

and there were three Jan 1st morning games going on all the same time just minutes ago

ARKANSAS trailing at halftime right now

home state #12 Arkansas playing #6 Wisconsin on new year’s day is what triggered the plan to watch the whole SEC collection…it was hands down the strongest rated conference this year (and Florida plays for the national championship next monday). (LSU vs Norte Dame/brady quinn is wednesday night).

the Kentucky and South Carolina wins were biig upsets (kentucky hadn’t been to a bowl game in 20 years).

gooo Hogs!

Ladies and gentlemen, I doubt I’m alone in writing that with Metal Mike on board, ESPN could really tell Lee Corso to fuck off.

With all due respect to Saunders’ SEC obsession, the best game of the day so far is the Gator Bowl clash between West Virginia and Georgia Tech, with the Mountaineers clinging to a 38-35 lead with a few minutes left in the third quarter.  Much as I love watching Calvin “Dub Narcotic” Johnson (2 TD’s, 161 yards on 6 catches) excell on a big stage, it’s a little sobering knowing Detroit will probably grab him in the draft if he comes out. Matt Millen can’t possibly go wrong drafting wide receivers early and often.   West Virginia’s obviously a more dangerous team with a healthy Steve Slaton, but the ground attack of RB Owen Scmitt and QB Pat White (above) have compensated nicely.