From the New York Post’s Richard Johnson.

Ashlee Simpson can handle hecklers, but she couldn’t deal with the menacing Lower East Side artist Peter Missing. Simpson was in the middle of a sweatshirt shopping spree at Loft Shoe Productions on Ludlow Street last Wednesday when the toothless, grizzled anarchist, best known for his graffiti of an upside-down martini glass to protest drunk driving checkpoints, came into the store. According to witnesses, Missing nastily stared Simpson down until she fled next door, leaving her mother, Tina, to sort out her $600 tab. “We’ve had to kick him out before,” said owner Anne Hanavan. “He’s not appealing, and he tries to sell his paintings to our celebrity clients.”

Shame they couldn’t at least have a chatted — there was a great mash-up in here somewhere.

In a completely unrelated story, Cincinnati assistant basketball coach Keith LeGree has resigned after being charged with driving while under the influence over the weekend. Presumably under the influence of alcohol, as opposed to the new Bun B. CD, but they didn’t really specify.