Texas 80, Kansas 55

Farewell to the Jayhawks’ ten game winning streak, and hello to another dominant performance by Texas’ LaMarcus Aldridge (18 points, 8 rebounds), a singular talent who might well provide an NBA team next autumn with a tougher, more durable version of Marcus Camby. Aldridge might not boast Player Of The Year-style stats, but if he were playing for a ballclub without nearly as many offensive weapons, his numbers would certainly be gaudier.

You might not be able to tell from this scuzzy jumbotron snapshot (lost my proper camera on the way to the game — there’s a reward!), but that’s Roky Erickson, performing “Starry Eyes” with the Longhorn pep band.

Jay Bilas was heard at halftime mentioning that he always prefered the Red Krayola.

Banner of the night : “Texas Is Ricin To The Top”. What could be funnier than a chemical warfare threat on campus?

I heard Ted Nation’s radio call of BC’s double OT win over at NC State earlier today. If I ever have to go back in time and, I dunno, shoot JFK, I want Ted on the scene to narrate.