Not since Al Leiter supervised Scott Kazmir’s banishment from Flushing over a boombox dispute has a star athlete’s MOR-mania made such a splash, as Liverpool FC talisman Steven Gerrard finds himself facing assault and afray charges after commemorating a 5-1 win over Newcastle with an alleged brawl barroom brawl in  Southport.  The Guardian’s Sachin Nakarni and Helen Carter suggest the incident may have been provoked by (ahem) musical differences.

The fracas took place at the Lounge Inn in Bold Street, following which the venue’s DJ, a 34-year-old local man, required hospital treatment after suffering facial injuries. Police were called and subsequently arrested six men on suspicion of assault in nearby Lord Street.

It remains unclear what exactly happened at the popular celebrity nightspot, but one report has suggested that Gerrard and a group of his friends got involved in an altercation after the DJ refused to allow them to choose the songs played on the venue’s sound system.Gerrard is a big fan of Phil Collins and counts the singer’s greatest hits as his favourite album.  He is also partial to Coldplay.

The Lounge Inn remained shut yesterday but evidence of a fight inside could be seen through the windows. Spots of blood were clearly visible on the floor, along with shards of broken glass.