Currently ensconced at Macclesfield Town (and preparing for tomorrow’s F.A. Cup mismatch with Chelsea), manager Paul Ince has some theories as to why he never assumed a similar position at Wolverhampton. From the Sun’s Dave Kidd.

Paul Ince has hinted he was overlooked for the Wolves manager™s job because he is black. The Macclesfield boss was rejected despite three years as a Molineux player. Mick McCarthy got the job.

Ince said: œMaybe the problem is that many club chairmen are of the 65-plus age bracket and it is a generational thing.

œMaybe we will have more chance with the number of foreign investors who are buying clubs who don™t see colour as a major issue.

œHopefully I can change that. If I keep performing the way I have started here then, in another four or five years, maybe they will have no choice but to say ˜yes™.

œTake the Wolves job. The fans wanted me, the players wanted me, everyone wanted me. And for some reason I didn™t get it, so that makes you think.
œBut now look at Macclesfield. The owners are from Iraq and they don™t see colour as an issue.

Former England skipper Ince was a favourite to land the Wolves job following the departure of Glenn Hoddle. But he claims major English clubs are still reluctant to appoint black managers.

He added: œYou™ve got to feel wanted ” and I feel wanted at Macclesfield. And that is why I will work my nuts off to keep us in the League.

œIt is crazy that we should even be having this debate in the 21st century.”

One the bright side, Glenn Hoddle predicts no shortage of managerial opportunities for Ince, just as soon as the latter is reincarnated as a white guy with dubious singing skills.