I’m slightly torn this evening — what’s the dopier choice of words, LeBron James’ blaming the Cavs’ capitulation to the Lakers last night on “karma” (“it’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”) or Sarah Palin’s use of “blood libel”? For the moment, we’ll focus on South Beach’s (more talented) answer to Tony Victory, a player of whom the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Bill Livingstone snipes, “has never faced the consequences of his actions, so he really has no idea what karma is.”

In high school, high-priced lawyers fought his suspension by the OHSAA for taking free throwback jerseys and his eligibility was restored quickly.

Cavaliers owner Gilbert all but hired royal wipers for the self-styled “King.”

Even when James returned amid a storm of boos from the stands on Dec. 2, his wimpy former teammates greeted him with hugs and small talk, in a servile display that clicked the “Off” switch on them and their season in many fans™ heads then and there.

Whether karma exists or not is a matter of philosophical debate. Art Modell won a Super Bowl after bolting the city and taking the Browns with him. Carlos Boozer profited handsomely from misleading the pre-Gilbert Cavs about his free agency intentions. Miami has the Eastern Conference™s best record.

Still, scandal-plagued Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who considers James his “mentor,” trotted out for pre-game warmups at the Sugar Bowl in a Miami Heat ballcap. Pryor left the stadium with a torn tendon in his foot that required surgery.

The lesson might be to be careful what metaphysical force you call a “b****.” Just sayin™.