• Braves 4, Mets 1, btm 8th. Johan should’ve demanded a trade to a contender #
  • give Howard Megdal this : his “i wanna be Mets GM” editorials are way better than Wally Backman’s LiveJournal entries http://es.pn/bYXOQa #

    (rare photo of Rick Pitino sans pants somewhere besides an Italian restaurant)

  • 22 pages of comments for the Courier-Journal’s coverage of the Karen Sypher extortion trial http://bit.ly/9fdFGX #
  • 4 prominent Mets on Heyman’s 31 Flavors Of Waiver list http://bit.ly/clv5f6 #
  • K Motherfucking Swiss http://bit.ly/d1nEI8 #
  • from the same story : terrifying to think anyone is learning English by listening to John Kruk http://yhoo.it/dnru1n #
  • this could be Stallone’s best movie since “Stop (Or My Mom Will Shoot)” http://yhoo.it/dnru1n #
  • Corey Hart, candidate for not-tendering last winter, signed to a 2 year extension by Milwaukee http://bit.ly/bq4X6g #