From the Minneapolis’ Star Tribune’s La Velle Neal III :

Twins righthander Kyle Lohse apologized Thursday for damaging a couple of doors in the Twins clubhouse on Tuesday during a fit of rage, but said a comment made by manager Ron Gardenhire set him off.

“I was competing, and I received a negative comment from Gardy, someone whom I respect,” Lohse said. “The comment was confrontational, and it was made at the worst time.”

Lohse was removed after the second inning Tuesday after giving up five runs over two innings. Lohse went into the bat room behind the dugout and threw some equipment around to blow off steam.

Lohse, at the time, was mad at himself for pitching poorly. He emerged from the bat room and stepped into the dugout, where Gardenhire was standing.

According to one source, the ensuing conversation went like this:

Gardenhire: “That’s going to be it, Lohsie.”

Lohse: “You’re kidding me.”

Gardenhire: “Lohsie, we’re in a playoff race. You gave up five runs in two innings.”

The exchange was repeated to Lohse on Thursday. Lohse indicated that there might have been stronger words used.

“It’s not word for word, but it’s close,” he said. “I know what it’s like to be in a pennant race. I’ve been out there every outing, giving everything I’ve got and I feel like the results have been pretty good and he said something I did not need to be told.”

Lohse, after being taken out of the game, went upstairs to the clubhouse and blew off more steam, putting dents in the door to Gardenhire’s office and the door to the room next to his office. He later complained about pulled too early, to which Gardenhire fired back Wednesday, stating that it’s about winning games with the Twins’ playoff chances slipping away.

“I wish I hadn’t reacted the way I did,” Lohse said, “but it was my reaction and it was wrong.”

Lohse injured a finger on his pitching hand during the tirade. X-Rays were negative, and Lohse is expected to throw in the bullpen today to see if he can start Monday against Detroit. If not, rookie Francisco Liriano could get the start.

Gardenhire on Thursday wouldn’t comment about the conversation with Lohse when contacted on his way to catch the team flight to Cleveland.

“What he should do is call me,” Gardenhire said. “Not you.”

Y’know, I’m pretty sure I was blindsided by a purple La Velle in the mid 1985. Bat Girl’s take on the above, if you’re interested.