Suffice to say the following item from Sunday’s News Of The World takes just a bit of the shine off Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat of Manchester United. Is it fair to say Chelsea centre back / England international John Terry (above) might be the only prominent athlete who looks at Joba Chamberlain’s mom and feels just a bit jealous?

As he handed over three wraps of coke in the toilet of an Essex wine bar, Ted Terry trousered £40 profit and told us: “The stuff’s all right. I get off on it.”

Ted heaped SHAME on the England captain by fixing a secret drug deal – then asked an undercover News of the World investigator not to mention his famous son.

After selling three grams of cocaine to our man, who pretended to be buying for his wealthy boss, Ted insisted:

“This is just between me and you. DON’T tell him that I’m John Terry’s dad. I can’t have this going back, I’m not saying that they’ll say anything, but you never know.

“You CAN’T tell them I’m John Terry’s dad. I’ve just got them a load of gear.”