While I’ll presume John Riggins’ next Billy Jack-meets-The Unabomber You Tube video is still in production, Washington’s 31-17 loss to Atlanta was especially notable for the healing hands of Falcons coach Mike Smith coming somewhere near the pretty features of his former player / current Redskin DeAngelo Hall.  Postgame, Hall promised reporters (including the Fredricksburg Times’ Rich Campbell), “I’m going to be giving Commissioner Goodell a call.”

Q: What did you see?

“It’s different when a coach comes over there to break guys up. When a coach comes over there to put his hands on you in a harmful way, something needs to be done about that. And like I said, I’m going to call Commissioner Goodell. Ray Anderson used to be with Atlanta. I know him very well from there. He’s the vice president [of football operations] over there in the league office. I’ll definitely going to be calling some of my friends to figure out what we can do about the situation.”

Q: Just to be clear, you’re saying Mike Smith put his hands on you in a harmful way?

“Oh yeah. He put his hands on me in a harmful way, talking about how he’s going to kick my [butt] and all this other [stuff], and that ain’t how you do things. It’s a different story if he’s coming in there to break a fight up. Him and [Falcons director of athletic performance] Jeff Fish, the strength and conditioning coach. It’s a different thing when you come in and try to break things up, as opposed to coming in and trying to put your hands on somebody. Fish had the nerve to signal to me on the sideline how strong he is (Hall imitates Fish by flexing his biceps and pointing to it). Because he was putting his hands on me, pushing me, you know what I mean? Pushing and grabbing at me and all this other [stuff]. Like I said, something is going to be done about it. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me.”