(I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this photo for several years)

“It’s not like we’re running the Boston Marathon,” says Bowie Baysox assistant GM Phil Wyre of tommorow nigh’s 1K Beer Run, possibly the club’s most ill-advised promotion since 2003’s Ziggy Stardust Lookalike Contest Sam Bowie Appreciation Night.  From The Baltimore Sun’s Jill Rosen :

Runners will be hoofing it around the field’s warning track beginning at 5:45 p.m. Each time they finish a lap, they’ll get a 12-ounce beer to drink while they run they next one.

The ballpark will be serving the beers in 16-ounce cups in case things get sloshy.

“We don’t want spillage out there,” Wrye says.

The Baysox plan to cut off entry for the race after the first 100 tickets are sold, apparently to avoid a drunken mob.

This does seem like an awful lot of effort just to lure Tony La Russa out of retirement.