Reliever Armando Benitez, whose 2009 stints with the Newark Bears let to a contract with Houston (and a record-setting appearance in the Pacific Coast League) has reached a pact with the Atlantic League’s Long Island Ducks, the independent organization that’s given the likes of Pete Rose Jr., John Rocker, Carl Everett and Jose Offerman a shot at extending their pro careers.  From Newsday’s Evan Korn :

He wants to make his comeback to the big leagues, and he’s had experience in this ballpark pitching for the opposition,” Ducks president/GM Michael Pfaff said. “He always liked what he saw with the Ducks.”

“It’s really important to get signed [by an affiliated organization], but I’m looking forward to playing with the Ducks,” Benitez said. “There are great guys here, and right now we have an opportunity to stay in first place.”

What does Benitez expect from the Long Island faithful?
“I don’t know,” he said with a chuckle. “That’s a good question. What can I say? Whatever the fans do, I’ll take it.”

If nothing else, Benitez’ arrival within a short commute from Citi Field should afford many opportunities to prove that he and Frank Francisco are not the same person.