From the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir :

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found that there is evidence of the hostile work environment at Madison Square Garden that was described earlier this year by a former senior Knicks executive, Anucha Browne Sanders (above). She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit last January against Isiah Thomas, the Knicks™ president, and the Garden.

Browne Sanders accused Thomas of berating her with sexually explicit language, making inappropriate advances on several occasions and trying to undermine her working relationships with Knicks players. Thomas, who has denied all charges, said that last December he greeted Browne Sanders by placing his hand on her shoulder and trying to kiss her on the cheek.

The commission™s investigation supported Browne Sanders™s contention that she had been a victim of more than one incident of harassment and that œshe was subjected to a hostile work environment including, but not limited to, severe and pervasive verbal sexual harassment.

Thomas™s lawyers said in their statement that the commission œis not a court of law.

They continued: œIt is neither a judge nor a jury. It did not conduct a full hearing of the facts, and its decision does not reflect any conclusion as to the merits of the case.

They added, œIn a court of law, Isiah Thomas will be given an opportunity to face his accuser, cross-examine all witnesses and present evidence to demonstrate the allegations are without merit.

While reports continue to circulate that Thomas’ former IU roomie, ex-Raptors executive Glen Grunwald might be joining the Knicks as an assistant to the embattled GM, there’s even more terrific news for the floundering franchise. Owner James Dolan, the virtuoso behind JD & The Straight Shot, was recently hailed by the Rocky Mountain News’ Mark Brown for his “convincing voice,” and was deemed “hardly a karaoke act.”

On the other hand, Brown gave the headlining James Gang an A-, so take the review for whatever it is worth.