While the Hooded Casanova spent his Saturday off stalking prep MILF’s, one avid Pats fan proved mental illness doesn’t honor bye weeks. From the Boston Herald’s O’Ryan Johnson and Colneth Smiley Jr. :

A deranged woman who claimed she had to see a former Patriots linebacker teered her car through a wooden security gate at Gillette Stadium yesterday, police said, plowed through a metal grate and drove 40 yards down the Pats™ practice field before stopping, the bent grate atop her vehicle.

Cheryl Richards, 41, is being held for observation at Caritas Norwood Hospital following her arrest for a list of motor vehicle violations and crimes, Foxboro police said.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James said the woman crashed her car through the door about 10:20 a.m., minutes before the Dana Farber Cancer Institute was set to kick off a blood drive on the turf field inside the practice bubble.

A vehicle showed up at the security shack on Washington Street on Route 1 in Foxboro and tried to gain entrance, Grace said. œShe was denied, but got back into her car and drove right through the gate. Richards sped around the back of the stadium on Patriot Place Road toward the Dana Farber practice bubble. œShe drove through the metal door of the dome where equipment is usually sent through, ripping it off the structure, Grace said.

Though the metal door blanketed Richards™ car, she still managed to drive œonto the turf all the way into the middle of the practice field, according to police.

Richards claimed she wanted to see Chris Slade, who was a Patriots linebacker until 2000. He played his last season of pro ball with the Carolina Panthers in 2001.