Philebrity’s Jersey Dan was lucky enough to score tickets for last weekend’s NCAA Men’s basketball 1st and 2nd round action at the Wachovia Center. We’re even luckier to read his account of said proceedings, all of which qualfies as mind-blowing stuff, particularly if you’ve never seen any college hoops in person. (link courtesy Maria)

This was a total sausage-fest. Most sporting events have this disease, but it was out of control. The few women who were there were oogled like a cupcake at fat-camp. Girls who would normally rank as a 5 (of 10) automatically jumped to a good, solid 7.5. Any real lookers that would rank as a 6 or higher automatically looked like FREE DRUGS.

The Friday afternoon games might as well have been played in a boardroom. Every dude over the age of 30 with a real job (that they clearly called out of to get to the games) was constantly playing with their mobile email devices or on their cell phone. Fucking put them away dude, you are at the closest thing to spring break you™ll ever be on again!

Everyone here dresses like they are about to do yard work. College t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers. Men, women, children, all in a uniform. If you were wearing a collared shirt you were mistaken for a fashionista. Also, some advice here: If you didn™t go to one of the schools playing, don™t wear your alma mater shirt to the games. No one gives a shit that you went to Merrimack College.