As noted virtually everywhere else in the sporting blogosphere yesterday, With Leather’s Matt Ufford hung out with “Man In The Middle” author John Amaechi (above) after the latter’s Barnes & Noble signing in Downtown NYC the other day. While Ufford is effusive in his praise of Amaehci (“He uses words like “ethnocentrism” and “empathic” and speaks with refreshing candor. Every response he gave was infused with so much perspective that I found myself repeatedly thinking, “Yeah, why DO people care that he was a gay in the NBA?”) and makes the odd point or two that seems to have eluded Kenny Smith (“having a beach house in Malibu is a lifestyle. Being gay is a life.”), there’s one portion that at least a 6.0 on the WTF Richter Scale.

Several of the bloggers I reached out to wanted to know: is Amaechi a top or a bottom? Seems a bit of a personal question to ask of a celebrity I don’t really know, and I struggled with a way to pose the question. asked John, “How’d you come up with ‘Man in the Middle’? Shouldn’t it be ‘Man on Top’ or ‘Man on Bottom’?” Alas, he didn’t take the bait, and I was left with a mundane explanation of the position of center, and not intimate details of his sex life.

In the spirit of fairness and full disclosure, I implore everyone on Ufford’s blogroll to reveal exactly whether they are a top or a bottom (or even, god forbid, neither exclusively).