Congratulations to Manchester United and their young rocket scientist, Wayne Rooney, on overwhelming Wigan, 4-0,winning one of the planet’s least meaningful knockout competitions, The Carling Cup aka The League Cup.

(funny, I always thought Alan Smith answered to the name “shithead”)

I’m sure when the Glazer family borrowed heavily to buy the club, this was exactly the sort of glittering achievement they had in mind.

In the Rome derby, Roma are currently leading Lazio, 1-0, courtesy of a 31st minute Francesco Taddei strike.

One of FSC’s slightly pumped-up commentators was heard to exclaim, “Taddei is never going have to pay for a dinner, again in Rome,” which, I think is a pretty fantastic statement to make as there’s at least some portion of the fans in attendence who’d just as soon punch him in the face.

Paolo Di Canio hasn’t sieg-heiled anyone yet, but it’s still early.