Inter defeated Napoli, 2-0, Tuesday night, the former advancing to the Italian Cup semi-finals, but the match’s main talking point surrounds a confrontation between the clubs’ respective managers, Roberto Mancini and Maurizio Sarri.  From The Guardian’s Marcus Christensen :

“The confrontation on the touchline? You have to ask Sarri about that, he is a racist. People like him do not belong in football. He used racist words. I stood up to ask about the five minutes being added on and Sarri shouted ‘poof’ and ‘faggot’ at me. I would be proud to be that if he is what’s considered a man.”

“People like him should not be in football. He is 60 years old. The fourth official heard but didn’t say anything. He came to see me in the changing room to apologise but he should really be ashamed of himself.”

All Sarri had to say of the incident was “that he could not remember” what he said to Mancini and that “what is said on the pitch should stay on the pitch”.