I suppose building a secret hatch underneath the Pepsi Picnic Area, ala “Lost” is out of the question? Seriously, if one of the game’s greatest hitters refuses to consider a trade to the Mets, there are ways of addressing the situation.

From the NY Daily News’ Adam Rubin.

Met fans can cross Manny Ramirez off their offseason wish list. It appears he has done the same to the Mets.

Ramirez has no desire to play in Flushing, even if it would mean reuniting with ex-teammate Pedro Martinez, his agent said.

Greg Genske, who represents the Red Sox slugger, made that revelation in an ESPN.com report posted last night.

“I know people have speculated about Pedro and his influence, but Manny does not want to be traded to the Mets,” Genske told the Web site.

Ramirez, having played five years for the Red Sox and with 10 years of major-league service, has earned the right to veto any trade. Genske indicated Ramirez has yet to request a trade anyway, but the slugger would prefer being dealt to the Indians – his former club – or the Angels if he does ask out. Genske plans to meet with Red Sox owner John Henry in Florida next week.