(The Trashers’ Braydon Coburn, tired of all the skateboard jokes, delivers a blow to the Lightning’s Martin St. Louis)

Tampa’s Paul Ranger caught an elbow to the kisser in the waning moments of the Lightning’s 6-0 win at Atlanta and had to be helped off the ice. The South Florida Sun Sentinel on John Tortorella’s post-game comments.

Atlanta has lost four consecutive games by a combined score of 22-2, but the angriest coach after the game was Tampa Bay’s John Tortorella.

He directed an expletive-filled tirade at Eric Boulton, who took out Paul Ranger of the Lightning with a flagrant elbow just 21/2 minutes from the end of the rout.

“The … guy should be playing in the … East Coast Hockey League, but instead he takes out a … NHLer,” Tortorella said. “He’ll be suspended, but who … cares? No one wants to see him on the ice anyway.”

Atlanta’s Bob Hartley was seen going into Tortorella’s office after the game, but the Tampa Bay coach wouldn’t say what they discussed.

“None of your business,” Tortorella said, before storming away to the team bus.

Ugly stuff to be sure, but Tortorella will be pleased to know that tonight, the very respectable CHL’s 2005-2006 campaign kicks off with the start of a home and home duet between the Austin Ice Bats and Corpus Christi Rayz. The rosters of both teams are packed with potential Lady Bing Trophy winners, so much so that I’m surprised both clubs aren’t offering a refund if there’s any bloodshed.