From Reuters :

Call center workers shown on TV singing with their mouths full have prompted a flood of complaints from Britons concerned over the depiction of bad manners.

The commercial for KFC became Britain’s most complained about ad, with 1,671 members of the public contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Offended viewers said it encouraged bad manners in children by making it appear funny to sing or speak while eating, and 41 of those who complained said their children had aped the ad.

But the ASA rejected all complaints and dismissed fears of an epidemic of children eating open-mouthed.

“As teaching good table manners is an ongoing process needing frequent reminders at meal times, we do not agree that the advertisement would have a detrimental effect,” the authority said in its ruling.

Nearly all those who complained said they found it unpleasant to watch.

The advert used subtitles to explain what the three call center staff were singing as they munched KFC salads, leading some viewers to complain that it mocked people with speech and hearing impediments.

It ended with one of the women answering a phone singing, “Hello, emergency helpline,” which prompted others to complain that it implied call center staff were unprofessional.

Why, oh why don’t we have some kind of governing body or pressure group in the United States who can do something about DirectTV’s “Sunday Ticket” ads starring Jeff Garlin?

(Garlin : can’t carry a tune, but not shown talking while eating, either).