After 6 years behind the Toronto bench, Pat Quinn joins Ontario’s jobless ranks today, having been relieved of his duties by the already-golfing Maple Leafs.

Crediting his preseason prediction that the New York Rangers would suck like crazy for their rather impressive (until recently, anyway) revival, the New York Post’s Larry Brooks tries to provide some unabashed bulletin board material before the Blueshirts’ first-round tangle with the Devils.

The Rangers were built for the new-age NHL and, as revealed in the latter stages of the season, need unobstructed lanes in which to weave magic in their puck-possession game. They are not a team that does well without the puck or battling for it. They are not a team that does well playing a traditional north-south, go-to-the-net game.

Unfortunately for Broadway’s team, teams that cannot emerge from the trenches tend to suffer painful (albeit quick) deaths in the tournament. It is too late for the Rangers to reinvent themselves. They must dance with who brought them.

I recognize this. I can identify all of the Rangers’ shortcomings, of which there are simply too many to overcome the Devils. This is why I am stepping up immediately to do my part by dissing the boys just like it was October again.

Stanley Cup share to be paid in cash, please.