The remaining possessions of late Reds owner Marge Schott are going on sale at the end of the month, and the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Jane Prendergrast writes the goods on offer aren’t so spectactular. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that first edition copy of “Mein Kampf”, then.

“Marge was a hoarder of things,” said Steve Wolter, a baseball memorabilia expert who helped look through the Schott items months ago. “And that’s definitely reflected in her collection.”

She saved: boxes of unsent Christmas cards with the 1990 World Series trophy on them; a pile of yearbooks, including a 1934 version from the Summit school, autographed by four nuns; cases of unopened packs of baseball cards, each with a 50-cent Kahn’s coupon on the back; five boxes of Opening Day balls from 1997; a footstool with Nike cleats for feet; a box of 1995 Barry Larkin MVP pins; and her red ’87 Scout-O-Rama windbreaker.

There’s also a blue folding chair that Cowan thinks Schott sat in during the 1990 World Series, a chess set with American League and National League pieces and a Pete Rose uniform with an All-Star game patch on the left shoulder – even though he was never allowed to play in the game.