Chortling that “it might be time to replace those World Series banners with white flags,” the Chicago Sun-Times’ Jay Mariotti (above) happily points out the most crucial statistic of all for the 2006 White Sox : they’re just 39-41 since Ozzie Guillen called Mariotti a fag.

The Blizzard has burned everybody out, sucking energy from the Sox with his various controversies, slurs and distractions. He truly entered the Twilight Zone, whether it was picking unwinnable media fights, mocking his so-called sensitivity-training sessions or making additional national news by screaming at Sean Tracey for not plunking a batter, ripping Alex Rodriguez for ”kissing Latino people’s asses,” wanting to ”shoot” steroids informant Jason Grimsley, being told to seek professional help by Phil Garner, being called a liar by Dave Duncan and taking on Andy Van Slyke, Mariano Duncan, Kelvim Escobar and, last weekend, Oakland Athletics management for banning alcohol in both clubhouses.

”He doesn’t run my club. I run my club,” Guillen said in another act of profanity and anger, this one aimed at A’s general manager Billy Beane, who’s paying Frank Thomas about $11 million less this season than the Sox are paying Jim Thome.

I am exhausted just summarizing his year of madness. If this is ”A Mi Manera,” which translates as ”my way” and serves as the title of his image-buffing series on Comcast Sports Net, it is an embarrassing way indeed.

When Ken Harrelson cites the lack of a killer instinct–my gosh, the team mascot finally has a legitimate observation—he doesn’t mention Guillen by name. But if the attitude and soul of a ballclub is a manager’s responsibility, then such criticism can be viewed as an indirect knock on the Blizzard.