(the Jewish Jackie Mason)

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Jay Mariotti, rejecting the notion that Ozzie Guillen is (in the words of Jerry Reinsdorf) “the Hispanic Jackie Mason”, proposes a two-week suspension for the White Sox manager, adding,

I am hardly alone in thinking Guillen, if he doesn’t wise up, is headed toward a bad ending in Chicago. As somebody who lobbied hard in print for Ozzie to get the job, I knew he would be a politically incorrect load at times. But little did I know he would become a national embarrassment to a city, a franchise and a sport. The incidents are coming a little too frequently for comfort, and anyone who thinks he’s just deflecting attention from his team isn’t living on a sane planet. The shame of it is, his antics are taking away from the enjoyment of a rare World Series championship in this town, a title he made happen. As long as the Sox are winning, I suppose there will be enough Neanderthal fans who would defend a manager for an ax murdering. But when a lightning rod starts struggling and losing — see Bob Knight, Indiana — even the big bosses lose patience with the nonstop stunts.

Guillen’s beef with me involves his belief that if I criticize him, I should rush down to the ballpark immediately and let him litter me with insults. If that sounds like high-school macho nonsense, realize it’s the general mentality of baseball clubhouses. Imagine a critic panning a movie, then being required to take a tongue-lashing the next day from an angry Vince Vaughn. Imagine a restaurant critic not liking an Italian joint, then having to show up so the chef can throw meatballs at him. Sorry, guy, I’m not a beat writer who covers the team every day. Tuesday night, I was at Game 6 of the NBA Finals, where I should have been. Next week, I’ll be at the NBA draft. Next month, I’ll be at the British Open.