(for a guy who’s generated millions, Jay seems suspiciously frugal when it comes to paying a graphic designer)

In the midst of reminding us that he has the full capacity to publish a PDF sold by Amazon that no one will ever buy (AND CALL IT A BOOK), former Chicago Sun-Times/ESPN/Fanhouse columnist Jay Mariotti took to Twitter last night to remind “bloggers” (ie. A.J. Daulerio), that JAY WON! Sure, Jay might not have had Peter Thiel financing a lawsuit, but surely there’s some karmic payback from Deadspin’s frequent reminds of the domestic violence charges against Jay. Though Mariotti has since deleted a tweet from last night in which he reminds us he was NEVER CONVICTED OF NUTHIN’, here’s a helpful summary of the trumped-up charges against this heroic fighter for the rights of middle-aged white men (who or may not have explosive anger issues).

After all, if if Grantland Rice was alive today, he’d be publishing PDF’s explaining how he didn’t mean to pull his GF’s hair out.