The Twin Cities Daily Planet’s Andy Birkley published a list earlier this week of Minnesotans who made donations in support of California’s recently passed Proposition 8, banning same sex marriages in the state.  At the top of the list was pedestrian blogger / T-Wolves role player Mark Madsen, who chipped in $2500.00. Canis Hoops‘ Stop-n-Pop respectfully asks his readers, “Is there a point where you would stop paying money to see a player play if his political (or religious) views radically differed from your own?”

Mr. Madsen is a Mormon and the LDS church has been very out front in telling its congregation that they should support Prop 8.  I mention this not to strike up an argument, but to point out that Madsen may support this amendment on religious grounds, not just political ones.

The question for our readers is this: Do the political views of your favorite athletes matter?  After all, these are typically very wealthy men with high visibility who can make a difference.  Regardless of your answer to this question, surely at some point they do matter.  Where do you draw the line?

It’s a good question, and in my own experience, I’ve torn down a poster of the late Eric Show upon learning of his involvement with the John Birch Society.  OK, that’s a lie.  I’ve never seen an Eric Show poster. But it’s entirely possible to consider Madsen’s stance as something other than a political statement.   Despite Curt Schilling being an outspoken Republican, I’ve not petitioned my satellite company to dump NESN.  Were Curt an advocate of violating civil rights, however, I’d feel perfectly justified in paying the Extra Innings bill… slowly as possible.