Leaving aside for a moment the matter of Joe Girardi outsmarting himself, Rev. Halofan of Halo’s Heaven has reviewed the above video clip of Mariano Riveras’s appearance in the 10th inning of last night’s 5-4 win for the Angels and protests, “this is pretty conclusive evidence of why Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera is able to throw only one pitch that has unpredictable, yet precise movement.” Fackyouk, however, is not quite convinced.

“Do these hacks really think that’s been the key to throwing the cutter all these years? Spit directly on the ball and hope no one notices? FOR FIFTEEN YEARS? If it was his super-secret method, don’t you think he’d be a touch more discrete about it?.”

I’m not nearly as outraged as F.Y., mostly because this smacks of a stunt more than say, a thoughtful, thorough presentation. And besides, what would the Good Reverend like MLB do in this instance, have the Yankees forfeit a game they lost?