On a Sunday in which former Maverick Pops Mesah-Bonsu went off for 39 points and 18 rebounds in Austin’s 131-124 O.T. win over Colorado, there are suggestions he’s either auditioning for the Raptors or being recruited for Great Britain’s Olympic team.  Back in Big D, the Star-Telegram‘s Eddie Sefko admits he scoffed when FSN Southwest’s Emily Jones reported Antoine Wright and Jason Terry were hanging blue and red bandanas (respectively) from their lockers, representing the Crips and Bloods (“this would be the Emily Jones of legendary gang hotbed of Plainview, Texas”).  “Turns out, the West Texas lady knows her stuff,” conceeds Sefko.

Jason Terry informed us that the bandanas do represent the rival gangs and were sent out by the LA Clippers’ Baron Davis, who is co-producing the movie Crips and Bloods: Made In America. It chronicles the bloody feud between America’s most famous and infamous gangs.

Terry said Davis sent out trailers and other information to all NBA players about the movie. And the players, as they often do, have responded. Many of them, including Terry and Wright, are donating money for every point they score this season.

The donation will be distributed to help inner-city youths across the country.