There’s been a Mike Martz sighting in St. Louis, and don’t think someone in the Rams Park security detail won’t be disciplined. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bill Coats.

Perhaps a bit skittish to discuss anything that occurs at practice after the mini-altercation earlier this week between two assistant coaches, Rams tackle Orlando Pace feigned ignorance when asked about Mike Martz’s surprise appearance Friday.

“He was out there?” said Pace, laughing heartily.

Indeed, he was. Martz spent about 30 minutes at the indoor practice facility, chatting with interim head coach Joe Vitt, several other assistants and a handful of players.

I was surprised to see him out there,” Pace said. “I’m sure it’s tough to stay home during the course of the season. It was good just to see him getting around.”

Wide receiver Dane Looker said: “He’s been a vital part of this organization for a long time, and he’s put this team together. He probably just wanted to check on things, see how everything is going.”

No doubt hoping to avoid future public orgies, Wizzinator busts or ticket scalping incidents, the Minnesota Vikings have distributed a 77 page code of conduct to players and staff. From the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Sean Jeansen.

There is a separate 13-page section of policies and procedures for players, prohibiting the use of cell phones in the locker room, motorized carts and scooters at training camp, and T-shirts, sweat suits, sneakers and jeans on road trips.

(although Gob Bluth does face a possible fine from Mike Tice for use of the cell phone, we should point out that technically speaking, the Segway is not a scooter).