Philadelphia’s Mayor-elect “Mixmaster” Michael Nutter (above) made a pronouncement that one would have never heard during the Frank Rizzo era. From the Phila Daily News/WHYY Next Mayor Blog:

Yo, Mike. Did we hear you dissing on Rocky?

Yup, in a speech about Philadelphia’s identity at the Franklin Institute last night, Nutter said the city needs to get over the iconic Sly Stallone film Rocky, about the south Philly boxer with a dream. Say what?

“We are entering the post-Rocky era in Philadelphia,” the mayor-elect said. “I think it’s an identity that doesn’t serve us well.”Nutter — who did say he enjoys the movie — continued, “the movie had a Cinderella quality about it. If you had no skills somehow you could be great.”

He went on to say “We need to stop celebrating low skills and start working on an identity where smart is cool and going to college is the norm.”