While Seth from Posting & Toasting pours could water on rumors of the Knicks being interested in Tracy McGrady (“Isiah Thomas is no longer with the organization”, ie. who else would be foolish enough to deal for the oft-injured T-Mac?), the day’s other hot Association story involves the Timberwolves’ Kevin Love (above, left)  scooping the established media with the news Kevin McHale (right) will not return as Minnesota head coach this fall.  The Star-Tribune’s Jerry Zgoda caught up with the longtime T-Wolves management fixture who says, “I’ll find something to do. I always do.”

McHale met Tuesday night with Timberwolves new president of basketball operations David Kahn for a third formal time to discuss the team’s coaching job.

The first two times were over dinner. This one was not and lasted only about 45 minutes, just enough time for Kahn to tell McHale that he will not be back as coach.

“He didn’t really give me any reasons,” McHale said, “other than the fact he wanted to make a change.”

McHale said the two in their meetings discussed the team’s roster, which McHale had re-assembled after he traded superstar Kevin Garnett away two summers ago, and began making calls to former NBA head coaches to find McHale a No. 1 assistant coach, but never received a job offer.

“We were talking about me coming back and at some point you’d think a contract (offer) would be made,” McHale said. “It was very noncommittal on everything.”