It’s not enough that the advent of modern technology has patrons at a Mogwai gig demanding I stop texting (or else) ; next up — when Razor Shines waves David Wright in from second on a ground ball back to the pitcher, I’ll be able to experience it while attending an indictment, funeral or major medical procedure.  From Maury Brown’s Biz Of Baseball :

With today™s release of version 3.0 of Apple™s operating system fo iPhone and iPod Touch, will release its latest version of At Bat that will allow live video streaming of games to the devices. But, unlike Gameday Audio for At Bat, this time blackout restrictions do apply. How will know where you are? As reported in May, has technology to track you.

Not every game that is available via league’s out-of-market online package MLB.TV will be streamed for the mobile devices when the new version is launched. Today’s interleague tilt between the White Sox and Cubs from Wrigley Field will be the first game streamed live (2:20 ET), followed by the night game between the Tigers and Cardinals (8:15 ET). Shortly thereafter, it is expected that the same package of games that are normally available through MLB.TV Premium will be rolled out.