From the Associated Press :

Donovan McNabb insisted he wasn’t stung by criticism from Terrell Owens, laughing off the banished wide receiver’s remarks before turning serious and telling him to “keep my name out of your mouth.”

While Owens left his home for the Bahamas, McNabb joked with reporters, tapped the mikes and rubbed his hands together before taking his seat inside a jammed media tent shortly after Philadelphia’s practice Friday.

“Yeah! C’mon, bring it!” McNabb said to laughter.

Owens again blasted McNabb on two separate interviews with ESPN on Thursday, calling the quarterback a “hypocrite” and saying the two of them could not be successful together. Owens also said he had no desire to speak with McNabb.

“It’s so funny to me how my name keeps getting thrown out there,” McNabb said. “You’ve just got to have fun with it and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

My favorite moment of Chris Berman’s interview with Owens last night during halftime of the Packers/Chargers game came when the camera pulled back…to reveal Drew Rosenhaus, attempting to play his most unconvincing role to date, that of the Voice Of Reason.

If you’ve not seen NFL preseason football in stunning HD yet, rest assured that it is just as boring as an exhibition game in lo-def.