While I consider the above clip to be far superior to most of the Chris Crocker parodies bouncing around the net, here’s the really funny thing about it : the above dude’s exaggerated outpouring of emotion isn’t nearly as convincing or poignant as LaDainian Tomlinson’s press conference following the Bolts being destroyed by the Patriots, 38-14, earlier tonight.  (You Tube link taken from The 700 Level)

While I’m sure there are those in the league office who consider the 2-0 starts of the Lions, Niners and Texans some hopeful signs for the parity-riffic pro game, I’d counter that with Gang Green’s Snitch and Big Blue’s Col. Coughlin both winless, the specter of a postseason without either New York Jersey club oughta scare the heck out of the collected rights-holders.