Rob Warmowski writes,

Hey Gerard,

I submit this recording (mp3) of the White Sox pennant chaos outside my home, located six blocks from Cellular Field, recorded at 11:05 PM October 16.

This recording is provided as a public service to confused and frightened Cubs fans to help orient them to the unfamiliar experience of winning a pennant.

Thanks, Rob. And I would encourage Cubs fans to check out the entire file. If you only listen to part of it, you might thinking winning a pennant sounds just like rush hour on the Dan Ryan.

You might want to sit down for this (though chances are, you’ve already done so before booting the computer) : Jay Mariotti says “the White Sox have proven me wrong”, describing (seriously) Jerry Reinsdorf as “loveable”. No truth to the rumor that a newly magnanimous Mariotti has sent Ken Harrelson and William Ligue congratulatory telegrams, along with a sample box of Maybelline Expert Eye Liner.