The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick has long favored the Leitchian crutch of refering to “we” when he surely means “I”. A bit of literary license is one thing, but a total suspension of belief is required to swallow the notion that anyone sits next to Phil on the couch.

While watching USC-ND and how quickly ND has been revitalized, we couldn’t stop thinking about how Chris Russo last winter declared Charlie Weis a terrible choice. And we couldn’t stop thinking how, when Weis was on WFAN with Russo, a couple of weeks ago, it slipped Russo’s mind ” until after Weis was gone ” to mention that he’d trashed ND’s selection of Weis.

And then we couldn’t stop thinking how Russo would make a very cost-effective executioner. Seeing how he only shoots people in the back, think of the savings on blindfolds

(UPDATE: On today’s “Mike & The Mad Dog”, Russo replied to Mark from New Jersey who asked “how good of a coach is this Charlie Weis going to be?” by saying “I never thought it…so I’m dead wrong. I never thought it all year. I thought it was a strange hire. But he’s been tremendous.” So I suppose that qualifies as some acknowledgement from the Dog, however rare, that he’s not always right.)