I’m sorry, but “drug deal gone bad” is such a lazy, convenient headline. Where are these parasites when a drug deal goes well? At least the Oregonian’s Rick Bell is careful enough to use euphemisms like “colorful” to describe the off-court antics of Memphis’ Zach Randolph, currently a person of interest in the pool-cue beating of an Portland weed-dealer at the Z-Bo Mansion this past Friday night.

When deputies arrived at Randolph’s home, at 12:30 a.m. Sunday, they could not open the gate to Randolph’s $1.47 million mansion, which sits on a 5-acre lot. But instead of storming the gate, they obtained a key from firefighters, who have access to all gated properties.

At the door, deputies were stonewalled, despite ringing the bell several times and announcing loudly that they had a warrant signed by a judge. Again, instead of smashing open the door, deputies waited until one of Randolph’s friends let them in.

“I can’t say they were uncooperative,” Sgt. James Rhodes, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said. “But they were less than welcoming.”

Once inside, deputies conducted their search. They did not find any drugs, but found and seized blood evidence and pool cues, which were consistent with James Ruben Beasley’s statement to detectives, Rhodes said.

At that point, Randolph called his attorney. On the attorney’s advice, Randolph did not give deputies a statement.

Rhodes said police have not determined what triggered the beating or who may have been involved. He said investigators still were interviewing people at the party, including members of Randolph’s notorious Hoops Family entourage of friends and hangers-on.