Hard to find a silver lining in the story below, but at least I’ve now learned that former UNLV F Stacey Augmon is still in the NBA. From Florida Today’s Peter Kerasotis.

After Friday’s game against the Timberwolves, several reporters were interviewing Magic guard Jameer Nelson, who was sitting at his locker, which is adjacent to Stacey Augmon’s locker. Lauren Johnson, a Central Florida News 13 reporter, lowered to a knee in front of Nelson, so as to place a microphone in front of him while also allowing cameramen a clear line of vision.

That’s when Local 6 News sports photographer Tee Taylor said Augmon directed a lewd comment about Johnson being on her knees in front of a player.

Taylor talked with Johnson outside the Magic locker room after the alleged incident. “She was distraught,” he said. “She’s also afraid. She’s young, and she doesn’t want to make an issue of it.”

Stacey Augmon (above, left) has been a cancer waiting to spread. It’s hard to believe the Magic actually pursued him as an offseason free agent, and said he would bring leadership to the locker room. Augmon has been anything but. And if they don’t get him away from developing rookies Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard, then the organization deserves an even bigger black eye than it already has.

It’s long been known that Augmon violates NBA rules by refusing to talk to the media. But the league has looked the other way because, frankly, none of us really care what a loser like Stacey Augmon has to say. The problem though, is that Augmon likes to interject snide and obscene comments into other interviews.

That’s what happened after Sunday night’s Magic loss to New Jersey.

Our reporter, John Denton, who is as professional as they come, was interviewing Steve Francis along with other reporters. Given that the Magic have lost four straight and seven of their last 10, and now have a five-game road trip ahead of them, the Orlando Sentinel’s Tim Povtak asked Francis if he was concerned about “the wheels coming off.”

That’s when Augmon, sitting next to Francis, blurted, “That’s a stupid (bleeping) question.”

The reporters chose to ignore him, but Augmon wouldn’t have it.

Even louder, he said, “That’s a stupid (bleeping) question.”

At that point, Denton stated the obvious. He told Augmon they weren’t interviewing him. They were interviewing Francis.

Augmon rose to his feet enraged, approaching Denton and shouting obscenities. Denton turned and starting walking across the locker room, away from the scene Augmon was creating, while Magic publicist Joel Glass jumped in front of Augmon. At that point, the player threw a bottle of body lotion at Denton. The contents spattered the back of his jacket and sprayed other reporters, too.

Neither Zeke Mowatt or Bobby Bonilla were available for comment. OK, that’s not fair. I just don’t have their phone numbers.