With the Mets enduring their first consecutive postponements since August of 2011, we can turn our attentions to Miami’s  Giancarlo Stanton (above) and whether or not he’ll become the latest Marlins star to be offered up in Jeffrey Loria’s ongoing firesale.  While Sandy Alderson denies there have been any real discussions of pursuing Stanton,  The Journal News’ Howard Megadal reminds us the 22-year-old outfielder is in very rare company — the only players whose OPS topped Stanton’s (158) at the same age were  Stan Musial, Boog Powell, Eddie Mathews, Eddie Collins, Tris Speaker, Sherry Magee, Jimmy Sheckard, Joe DiMaggio, Bernie Carbo, Pete Rieser, Dick Allen, Jimmy Foxx, and a couple of guys named Ted Williams and Ty Cobb.

Yes, you trade two prospects, even two great ones, for that guy. And you worry about building around him. Stanton by himself won’t lead the Mets to contention. Neither would Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud, even if they max out, by themselves. Build around Stanton, David Wright and Matt Harvey. In Stanton, the Mets would have one more sure thing, and one who is just 23 years old.

This is not a difficult question. And the Marlins might get more from another team, one who can match Wheeler/d’Arnaud at the top of a deal, and fill in with more talent that is closer to major league ready than the rest of the Mets farm system currently is. So sure, the Mets would do this. And who knows, maybe the Marlins would, too.

The Mets have plenty of difficult questions, such as who the fourth starter is, or the right fielder, or how much longer to give LaTroy Hawkins. Whether they’d trade virtually anyone for Stanton isn’t one of these worries. So don’t spend too much time worrying about whether the Mets should. The Mets certainly aren’t