Mets 17, Marlins 3 (bottom of the 7th, Game Two)

Preserving the rest of the bullpen is one thing, but clearly, Jason Vargas (5.1 IP, 9 earned runs) has done something, very, very wrong to annoy Joe Girardi. Figures that the first big league victory for Mike Pelfrey (above) had to be marred by someone being humiliated in public.

After Carlos Beltran’s recent mini-slump, it’s been terrific to see him get untracked in the nightcap, much as Cliff Floyd (3 for 4, HR, 5 RBI’s) has earned a measure of revenge after being drilled in Game One. But I’ll go out on a limb here —- Jose Valentin has seen his first and last 7 RBI day. Unless the Mets have another doubleheader against Florida this season.