Entertainer / extremely wealthy person Jerry Seinfeld (above, right) took to the set of “Live With Kelly” earlier this week to plead Mets ownership to re-sign free agent SS Jose Reyes, something that seems less likely to happen with each passing day. The LoHud Mets Blog’s Howard Megdal — who at one time mounted a public campaign to become Mets G.M. — figures the Amazingly Destitutes are in a position “no different than one utilized by universities when they need a new gym or library.”  To wit, Megdal would like Mr. Seinfeld to cough up the funds required to keep Jose in a Mets uniform, warning “otherwise, the 2012 season is going to be a show about nothing. And not the good kind.”

If you believe there’s a price point where the Mets would pay for Jose Reyes- say four years, 70 million-then all Jerry Seinfeld has to provide is the difference between this and what it takes to get the deal done. Jon Heyman estimated Reyes’ final deal at six years, $120 million. So the difference would require Jerry to kick in $50 million.

Even if you think every dollar the Wilpon group is cutting in salary is going to the Save An Owner Foundation, this plan could still work. All it required of Jerry Seinfeld is $20 million per season for the next six seasons.

Again, with Seinfeld subsidizing the Reyes contract entirely, it in no way hamstrings Sandy Alderson’s payroll flexibility. Indeed, by allowing him to spend whatever the Wilpon group provides him on just 24 players- and shortstop accounted for- it is a solution that allows the Mets to keep Reyes AND have greater payroll flexibility than they’d have without him.

For what it’s worth, Bee Movie grossed more than $126 million. Jerry can pay for Jose Reyes without even touching Seinfeld money.

So I’m begging you, Jerry: please pay for the Mets to keep Jose Reyes. It is unseemly to ask another man to spend his money, I know. But Mets fans are out of options. You can become, in one move, to the Mets as Bill Gates is to world disease. And your dog can lead the Bark in the Park parade- a parade of triumph, making him the greatest mascot this team has had since Mr. Met.