Though it appears Knicks F Carmelo Anthony was unaffected by the incident described below in his subsequent 36 point, 9 rebound performance in Minneapolis, it’s hard to say which is more remarkable — that it is so easy to get in the face of a visiting NBA superstar, or that Kevin Garnett has at least one remaining loyalist in the Twin Cities.  From the NY Post’s Marc Berman :

Carmelo Anthony was confronted by a trash-talking Timberwolves fan entering the Target Center last night who harassed him about Kevin Garnett and followed Anthony to the Knicks’ locker room. Garnett played 12 seasons in Minnesota.

The fan snuck by security when the Knicks players filed into the arena. He yelled at Anthony, “KG, KG. You don’t know who Kevin Garnett is?’’

Anthony appeared ruffled, shouting back, “Why are you following me? Why are you following me?’’ before ducking into the locker room. The fan was immediately kicked out of the building by arena and Knicks security but was not arrested.