In the wake of Craig Biggio’s missus getting slapped in Chicago, former Astros manager/current team shill Larry Dierker decries the lack of decorum amongst today’s fans (mostly those from Chicago).

After Game 2, I was on a platform under a tent, doing a stand-up for Channel 11 sports with Giff Nielsen when the game ended with Scott Podsednik’s walkoff homer.

Some of the fans who exited the stadium set up a chant behind us, saying: “Houston sucks, Houston sucks.”

I turned to Giff when we were off the air and said, “Why can’t they say, ‘We’re No. 1,’ or ‘Go Sox,’ or something like that instead? Why would they rather put someone down than lift someone up?”

When I encountered Sox fans taunting the Astros, I just smiled at them and said, “Have a nice winter.”

I can, however, report that the Astros fans are a peaceful, polite lot, many of whom sought to beat the traffic last night when the game hit extra innings. And they’re an observant bunch, too, like the fellow a row behind me who was screaming “Wandy, what’s your fucking problem?” when Esquivel Astacio was laboring through the 14th inning.