I know that some of you old-timers and luddites aren’t down with this MySpace thing, but there’s really some hot stuff out there, even if you aren’t just trolling for pictures of 15 year olds with fuse haircuts (or 18 year old cock).  For instance, check out the urgent bulletin I received from former WCW/WWE superstar Kanyon :

I am leaving today, Wed. July 19, to the Gay Games (basically the “Gay Olympics” which happens for a period of 1 week every 4 years, Internationally). I believe I will be dropping the ceremonial first puck at Finals of the Hockey Tournament at 5 pm and 6:20 pm at the Heartland Ice Rink on Friday, July 21. I will be doing an appearance at a bar called Touche’ after the closing ceremonies on Sat night. If anyone is attending the Gay Games, and wants to meet, please send me a private message with a subjest of “I WILL BE AT THE GAY GAMES,” and I will let you know where I’ll be.

On a more serious tip, Chris also directs our attention to a profile that appears in the latest edition of Southern Voice.