Harry Olivieri (shown above, left, with Bobby Rydell), co-inventor of the cheesesteak and co-founder of Pat’s King Of Steaks, died Thursday at the age of 90.

(from Elaine Moynihan Lisle, used without permission)

From the Philadelphia Daily News’ John Morrison and Christine Olley

Singer and actor Fabian Forte recalls literally stuffing himself with Pat’s steaks.

“I could eat four or five at one time,” he said. “After the fourth, I was feeling good. They were 25 cents in those days.”

“If I had to take a plane somewhere, I’d take four or five with me to eat on the plane.

“Everybody went to Pat’s. There was tremendous camaraderie there. If you were out drinking, instead of going home, you’d go to Pat’s to eat. It was our breakfast.”

Fabian remembers Harry as a “friendly, simple kind of guy, a down-home guy.”

Singer Bobby Rydell said, “I had season tickets to the Flyers. On the way home to Penn Valley, we always stopped at Pat’s.”

Bobby recalls that when you went up to the window to put in your order, you had to know exactly what you wanted.

“If you hesitated, they’d tell you, ‘Get out of here!’ ” he said.

Frank Sinatra was a fan of Pat’s. Whenever he was in Philly, he’d send someone to the restaurant for cheesesteaks.

Other Philadelphia entertainers who ate there included singers Frankie Avalon and James Darren, comedian David Brenner, actor Jack Klugman, singers Lou Rawls and Teddy Pendergrass, to name a few

Would it be asking too much for the Phillies to observe a moment of silence before today’s game with the Braves?