Keith Olbermann was in rare form this afternoon while interviewing Johnny Damon after the latter’s introductory press conference to announce his signing with the New York Yankees. After asking Damon about his highly pubicized haircut and shave yesterday, Olbermann retold the tale of being asked to get rid of a mustache he once sported as an Los Angeles TV sports reporter, only to be paid $25,000.00 to regrow it after “research” indicated viewers prefered Keith with facial hair. We really need to hear that story again as soon as possible, maybe tonight on MSNBC.

Moments later, while raising the general subject of players changing teams in the modern era, Olbermann added “not that I haven’t moved around myself”. Indeed, who can forget the deep feelings of abandonment that were felt nationwide when Olbermann left ESPN for MSNBC? Or the way MSNBC’s hardcore fans were kicked in the teeth when Keith became host of Fox’s short-lived “National Sports Report”? I think it is fair to say that while Johnny Damon’s mercenary acts will soon be consigned to sports trivia history, the career trajectory of Keith Olbermann has toyed with the emotions of so many, the comparison is just plain unfair.