Knicks 98, Jazz 90

Sans AK-47, the Jazz seem lottery bound (though to be fair, they struggle with him, too) and I can’t help but be reminded that games against the bad teams, count too. At least that what the Knicks’ opponents usually tell themselves.

On a night when the Knicks ended a 7 game losing streak, the duo of Jamal Crawford (above) and Stephon Marbury combined for 50 points and were both terribly effective from 3 point range, it might be a tad nitpicky to get on Quentin Richardson’s case. He’s been going through a tough time with the recent death of his brother and his dad’s subsequent heart attack, but let’s be honest — Q was shooting poorly before that happened. On Friday, he was 2 for 12 from the field (0 for 7 from downtown), totalled zero assists and looks to be the biggest free agent bust of the year not named Jerome James.

MSG’s painfully unfunny Brandon Tierney was especially giddy when chatting with Knicks assistant Mark Aguire after the game. “I was kidding Kenny Smith the other night, ‘it’s a good thing we’re sponsored by Heiniken, I need to start drinking!’ But tonight, let’s forget about the beer, let’s get the champagne!”

I believe Vin Baker is calling MSG this very moment, curious if Tierney needs a co-host.

A few days after Kobe went off for 62 against Dallas, Allan Iverson and Vince Carter scored 53 and 51 points respectively Friday night. A.I., however, was on the losing end, as the rapidly improving Hawks beat the Sixers, 111-108.

Carter’s half century led the Nets in a 95-88 away win over Miami, who’ve now dropped their 2nd since Pat Riley resumed the coaching reins.