6 home runs in 4 innings so far tonight for the not-exactly slugtastic NY Mets (2 each by Victor Diaz and Jose Reyes), which can be explained by the following conditions :

1)the improved conditioning and nutrional habits the club began employing just after the end of the 8th inning last night.
2) in an effort to save the rainforest, the Mets have switched to aluminum bats (except for that old-school environment hater Kaz Matsui, who still insists on using wood)
3) Philadelphia’s Vincente Padilla is very adept at throwing the ball right down the middle. Over and over again.

(David Wright and Mike Piazza celebrate the padding of stats, running up the score and the fact that neither of them will be asked to bunt this evening. Mike Liberthal wonders if the Interpreters are getting back together).

UPDATE : Mets 16, Phillies 4. A record 7 home runs for New York and more evidence that for all of the great starting pitching we’re seeing around baseball, once you get into mop-up territory with some of these clubs, the ceiling doesn’t just cave in, the entire house melts. After Padilla had exhausted Charlie Manuel’s patience (thought not the Mets batting order), Gavin Floyd proved no better. Manuel might as well have given the ball to Uncle Floyd for all the good it did Philly.