Every now and then, baseball fans of this great nation are rewarded for their loyalty to a game filled with flawed characters and all too often typified by unfettered greed. Example no. 1 would be last night’s World Series Game 3, Philly’s thrilling 5-4 victory over Tampa finishing just prior to 2am Eastern, a circumstance that will surely please ‘let your kids stay up for historic events’ advocate Phil Mushnick.  Example no. 2 comes in the form of the following item from the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman, in which ESPN is said to mulling a split of Sunday night yappers Jon Miller and Joe Morgan :

What’s coming to light is how unpopular Morgan has become with many of his ESPN colleagues, who are less than thrilled with the way he prepares for a telecast. Some of them also don’t respond well to what they call Morgan’s haughty attitude, which he has displayed during some of his more outspoken performances in internal ESPN meetings.

Prone to on-air mistakes, Morgan also has come under some intense media scrutiny. And during those moments when he’s made a mistake, the give and take between him and Miller can sound strained.

Alas, Raissman’s scoop is not without a grim element.  Were ESPN to Fire Re-Assign Joe Morgan,  Rick Sutcliffe would likely be teamed with Miller.